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Don Mills Online Judge Problems

The following problems are cherry-picked from the large selection of problems. By no means limit yourself to this list - these are just to get you started!

Problem Name Topic Link
A Plus B Warmup Link
List Minimum Warmup Link
Picture Perfect Implementation Link
Snakes and Ladders Implementation Link
Poetry Implementation Link
Smiles with Similes Implementation Link
Simple Encryption Implementation Link
Bananas Recursion Link
Word Scrambler Recursion Link
Federal Voting Age Simple Math Link
Moore's Law Simple Math Link
Groups Intermediate Math Link
Tin Can Telephone Intermediate Math Link
Friends Simple Graph Theory Link
Jelly Simple Graph Theory Link
Shop and Ship Intermediate Graph Theory Link
Trucking Troubles Intermediate Graph Theory Link
Convex Hull Intermediate Graph Theory Link
Waterfall Simple DP Link
Pi Day Simple DP Link
Bowling for Numbers Simple DP Link
Nukit Intermediate DP Link
Origin of Life Intermediate DP Link
Nutrient Tree Advanced DP Link
Greedy for Pies Advanced DP Link

Popular Websites and Judges

USACO is equivalent to CCC (designed for high-school students), and has an online training curriculum.

CodeForces is an online contest platform with regular contests, including some sponsored by companies.

TopCoder is another popular contest platform, and includes ratings like DMOJ and CodeForces.

The sphere online judge has a wide collection of problems and contests to choose from.

CodeChef allows for longer duration competitions that are ideal for beginners.